Tuesday, May 16, 2006

shameless self-promotion

Ok, here's more shameless self-promotion.

My first published work of fiction will be out soon. It's a short story about a young Vancouver fella who goes to Ukraine to experience the Orange Revolution. It will appear in an anthology called The Kobzar's Children: A Century of Untold Ukrainian Stories, a collection of short fiction, memories and poems spanning 100 years. The book takes its inspiration from Taras Shevchenko and his book "Kobzar" and the contributing authors hope to continue Shevchenko's work.

The editor of the anthology is award-winning author Marsha Skrypuch. She's coming out to Vancouver to launch it on June 2-3 (details here) along with the three BC authors who contributed stories... Danny Evanishen, Steve Petelycky and moi.

Incidentally, the book will also be released in the United States in the near future. I'll keep you posted! You can also check Marsha's blog for updates.

Hope to see you at the launch!


Sevala's Deli & Catering said...

Congratulations on your publication Paulette! We are all really proud of you. Wish we could be there for the release.

Any chance you might a have a book signing in Winnipeg? If you do we know a great Ukrainian caterer that could provide refreshments, you know perogies, cabbage rolls, kolbassa...all the basics.

Del & Bernie

Pawlina said...

I understand Sevala's makes the best perogies in town ... so why not? Let's talk! ;-)