Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Media industry overlooks the obvious

Well, will wonders never cease. A broadcasting association notices an identifiable ethnic group (read: "market") in its audience and deigns to "study" it. All kinds of moguls have opined on the value of studying this market. Maybe one day they will also notice that the wheel has already been invented.

The Country Radio Broadcasters have announced that they will collaborate with Edison Media Research to undertake the first-ever study of Hispanic Americans and their relationship with Country Radio and Country Music.

Here in Canada, Ukrainians as well as other identifiable ethnic groups have since day one been routinely disdained and disregarded by the mainstream media and its marketers. Maybe one day the moguls will ditch the arrogance and bigotry that keeps them from recognizing and catering to ethnic audiences. (Yeah, right... on about the same day there's world peace.)

Anyway, here's the article.

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