Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Vancouver audio archives updated to March 01, 2009

Audio archives for Nash Holos are updated to March 1, 2009. This includes Chetverta Khvylia (4th Wave) ... which, Pavlo tells me, has expanded to an hour and features some new voices behind the mic. As soon as I catch up with him I'll get the details and share them with you. Stay tuned! 

On this week's Nash Holos broadcast, Fr. Ihor discusses Cheese Fare Sunday (Julian calendar), and as well there's a proverb, community announcements and other items of interest, and plenty of Great Ukrainian music! 



Stanislav said...

Dear Pawlina, you are saying on Sunday Ukrainian TV channels Kontakt and Svitoflad at channel M. Right? Where is this channel? Does Shaw Classic package have it?

Pawlina said...

Not sure what Shaw bundle it's in, I imagine it's a basic one included in all of them, since it's a free over-the-air station. Check with Shaw or google Channel M Vancouver and give them a call.