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Ukraine's post-Orange election analysis

Brit musician Ludwig gives a pretty insightful musical overview of the recent Ukrainian election ... and the past five years on the political scene there.

This is actually an updated version of the Orange Kolomeyka he wrote not long after the Orange Revolution started to go sour. It has hit number 3 in the political humour charts!

Ludwig tells me he's working on a "closure" conclusion and has three extra verses ready. He's just waiting for the politicians to "hurry up and sort it out!"

You can hear it on the podcast from last Sunday's braodcast of Nash Holos, and you can download it from his site (here). The original version aired on the Jan. 31 program as well as the shortwave broadcast at 0200UTC this Friday on Radio Miami International. (Archives available here.)

In the meantime, here are the lyrics so you can follow along. Quite clever and, pretty much sums up the situation!

The Revolutionary Kolomeyka

“A History of post Kuchma Ukrainian politics in Song”
(To the tune of the merry Oy ta duna Kolomeyka.)

Once there was a business man
Who fixed his own election
Then they had a revolution
Tried to change direction

All Ukraine was then united
Around a simple song
That said corruption was the countries’
Biggest single wrong.

Yushchenko became the leader
In this situation
Tymoshenko’s speeches made them
Heroes of the nation

Yanukovych failed to trick them
With his dirty plan and
Then he was renamed
The nations biggest bogey man

Oy Ta Duna Duna Duna
Orange Revolution!
Oy Ta Duna Duna Duna
What a great Solution!

Yushchenko then said that the
Corruption hasn’t gone
Sacked his government
And said that this can’t carry on

Tymoshenko was the highest
Profile in the sacking
Some say that she made her millions
With some dodgy backing.
With her sacking she’d become
A lady unprotected
She could be arrested now that
She had been rejected.

So she turned her charms to Putin
Russia’s leading man
Said he's not that bad at all
A really clever plan

Oy tay Duna Duna Duna
Orange Revolution
Oy ta Dun Duna Duna
What a big confusion !

Putin said “we’ll drop the charges
You are not detested.
If you visit Russia now
You will not be arrested”
Yushchenko was tactical
In choosing his new friend. He
Took a new prime minister
A Russian to the end.

Kutchma then gave Yushchenko
And Yanukyvych blessing
Looks as if those arguments
Were only window dressing

Nice to see the clans are pals
And all are shaking hands now.
Its just difficult for us
To fully understand

Oy tay Duna Duna Duna
Orange Revolution
Oy ta Dun Duna Duna
What a big confusion !
Makes you wonder what’s the point
And whose behind these plans
Was the revolution just a
Switch between the clans?

There were demonstrations on the
Streets that cold December
Difficult for anyone in
Office to remember?

You’ve all kept your millions
And there’s no one there to blame
If the country changes now
Or if it stays the same!

Since that time a lot has happened
Some good and some bad.
Yulia’s Prime minister
The craftiest we’ve had!

Oy tay Duna Duna Duna
What an institution!
Oy tay Dun Duna Duna
What a convolution!

Yushchenko was trying hard
To make Ukraine Ukrainian
Yulia was treating him
As if he was an Alien

Then two thousand ten arrived
And time for an election
Yushchenko knocked out
There wasn’t much of a selection

Yanukovych Putin’s stooge
An Oligarch transparent
Tymoshenko bleating on
As if the heir apparent

Both of them are different
But both are quite the same
Neither wanted Yushchenko
In charge of “our Ukraine”

Oy ta Duna Duna Duna
Where’s the revolution?
Was there ever really one
Or was it an illusion!

Now it looks as if they’ve got
Exactly what they planned for
Question is just how much more
Will all the people stand for.

Some would say it’s all made up
And some would say insane
One thing seems for sure
It had to happen in Ukraine!

Oy ta Duna Duna Duna
Where’s the revolution?
Was there ever really one
Or was it an illusion!

© Stepan Pasicznyk aka Ludwig
© 2005 October (Original)
up to verse 15
Updated January 28th 2010
Verses 16 onwards

Original can be heard here.

Update to be recorded soon!
Watch this space!

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