Monday, June 28, 2010

Nash Holos audio archives updated for June 27, 2010

Visit the Nash Holos website for the latest programming updates. More to come as I catch up with the backlog during my online absence since March. But, I'm b-a-a-c-k!

This week's recipe is kapusta crepes. It's an "encore presentation" and will be the first of several more as Judy will no longer be hosting Ukrainian Food Flair. Her business, Prairie Cottage Perogies in Langley, is growing leaps and bounds and requires her full attention.

Also, there is the matter of Nash Holos studios and recording facilities having recently relocated to Vancouver Island. Which makes in-studio recording just a tad difficult for folks on the Mainland. For that reason, Fr. Edward Danylo Evanko also gave his farewell broadcast on Sunday.

I will miss both dearly, but as they say in the biz, "the show must go on." So if anyone is interested in filling their shoes, and also has some technical abilities, I'd love to hear from you!

On this week's program, Fr. Edward discusses change, which was very apropos. Vasyl talks about Constitution Day in Ukraine, which brings to mind (at least to mine!) some interesting historical parallels with Canada and democracy as it evolved over the last century.

This week's music mix features largely Canadian artists and themes, in honour of Canada Day coming up on Thursday, July 1st.



Kenneth said...

Hopefully, I'll be able to figure out the right "feed" for the shows to be downloaded to iTunes. I see the last feed via iTunes was the June 6 show. I really like the show, balance between Ukrainian and English language, and the insight behind the music. And I've made a couple of the dishes from the program and recipe postings.

Pawlina said...

Glad you enjoy the program, Kenneth!

The feed will be updated shortly ... just give me a few minutes.

Thanks for your kind words, and for your comment. :-)