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Thursday, October 04, 2018

Support Nash Holos on Patreon

Nash Holos now has a Patreon page where listeners who want to support the show can make a monthly donation.

By making a donation there you will become a Patron and in return receive various "rewards" as tokens of appreciation for your financial support. The rewards depend on the amount of the donation.

Rewards include:

  • Weekly proverb and playlists
  • A shout-out on the show
  • E-books (compilations of proverbs, recipes, etc. aired on the show)
  • Free advertising (for yourself or a favourite charity)
  • Various "swag" with the Nash Holos logo (e.g. tee shirts, key chains, mouse pads, etc.).

For full details on how it works, what you as a Patron would be eligible to receive, and how your money will be spent, please visit the Nash Holos Patreon page (here).

If you are not ready to make a donation, but would like to keep up with what's going on there, you can still just follow us on Patreon. There is no cost to follow and it provides more than a bit of encouragement.

However if you do feel the show has been providing value and would like it to be around for future generations, please make a donation (here) and become a Patron.

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