Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Vancouver audio archives updated to Jan. 18, 2009

Well, Christmas has come and gone on both calendars and the New Year is officially underway now! :-)

Here in Lotusland the snow is slowly disappearing under sunny skies ... a rare sight (albeit a regular and most welcome one) in January. It was a record snowfall over the holidays, and it took us quite by surprise. There were instances where it brought people together ... a "we're in this together" outlook that breached the usual urban distance of strangers on the street, as we passed each other, trudging over treacherous terrain. (We don't have a lot of snowplows out here!) Now that it's disappearing, there's a shared joy that life is finally returning to normal!

On Nash Holos, we wrapped up our Christmas programming for this season last Sunday. All the archives, including Chetverta Khvylia, are updated and available for download.

In addition to the usual program downloads, the CD of the Week features are now available as stand-alone downloads on the music page. I'll upload past features as time permits, so do check back often.

For our Christmas season finale, lots of New Years and Epiphany carols that are not often heard, as well as Christmas classics. CD of the Week: The Spirit of Ukrainian Christmas with the Todaschuk Sisters.


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