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Ukrainian Recipes

... as heard on Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio

I've created this page to help organize the recipes that have aired on the Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio show and that I've posted here on this blog over the years.

Eventually I hope to publish a series of cookbooks containing these yummy recipes ... which are all authentic Ukrainian recipes.

This page is a list of links to recipe posts on this blog... an index of sorts. To save you time searching and hunting! 

Enjoy! Смачного!

Perogies, Dumplings, & Breads

Judy's Perfect Perogy Dough – This is a very basic, easy recipe with just 3 ingredients!

Ribbon Perogies – This is for busy perogy-lovers who don't want to bother with preparing filling and pinching them!

Keestu (homemade noodles) - a rare treat. Well worth the effort!

Halushky – delectable cottage cheese dumplings 

Dill Bread Express – a change from garlic bread, and equally yummy!

Beetniks – beet-leaf wrapped buns are one of the most delectable & quintessential Ukrainian dishes.

Nalysnyky (crépes) with cabbage filling – crazy delicious.

Buckwheat Pancakes – a great Lenten dish, and also gluten-free!


Kapusniak  sauerkraut is the base ingredient for this delicious traditional soup.

Kapusniak with buckwheat - a hearty and yummy variation of traditonal sauerkraut soup

Fresh Mushroom Soup – a surprisingly easy to make soup for mushroom-lovers

Remembrance borsch – this borsch was created to commemorate victims of the Holodomor of 1932-33 which claimed 7 million lives in an artificial famine. 

I entered this recipe in a borsch competition in Victoria in 2015, with the goal of simply educating people about the Holodomor. It won the People's Choice and Judge's Honourable Mention. Click here for my recipe. 

Cream of Cabbage Soup – the ultimate in healthy soul food!


Salad Olivier – a modern Ukrainian version of potato salad.

Prawn Salad – another modern recipe but definitely Ukrainian!

Tangy Onion Salad – surprising sweet, and crunchy! Very delicious.

Sour Cream Cucumber Salad – nothing says summer like cucumbers and salads like this!

Beet & Mushroom Salad – this unusual combination is a treata for the tastebuds!


Khrustyky  Also known as "nothings" because these pastry delights almost instantly melt in your mouth

Sour Cherry Cheesecake – this is a modern adaptation of a traditional cheesecake

Sour Cherry Torte – a traditional recipe from the village of Rozdil in western Ukraine

Summer Berry Cake – light and luscious! 

Pumpkin Platsok – an interesting Ukrainian dish that is sort of a cross between a dumpling and a pancake

Banana Cream Nalysnyky – these crepes may not be a traditional Ukrainian dish, but they are definitely authentic! 

Apple Cake – a versatile recipe that can be adapted to use most any kind of fruit. Amazing made with apples off your own tree (or on you picked in an orchard)!

Chestnut Cookies – if you are pressed for time, or making these cookies out of season, you can buy ready-to use chestnuts. Equally yummy with pecans instead of chestnuts. 

Pumpkin Rice Pudding – great for fall parties and Thanksgiving!

Christmas Honey Bread – a longstanding Ukrainian tradition.

Ukrainian Honey Cake – surprisingly easy to make, but no surprise how delicious it tastes.

Poached Pears – a delicious light classic.

Poppy Seed Cake with Lemon – no Ukrainian gathering is complete without this favourite dessert

Cherry Walnut Slice – blueberries can also be used in this recipe with equally delicious results.

Kyivsky torte – sinfully rich but also surprisingly healthy

Walnut Almond Torte – an outstanding torte well worth the effort to prepare. Absolutely divine!

Prune Torte – nutritious and delicous!

Cabbage Rolls

Buckwheat Cabbage Rolls – an adaptation of a recipe from the first Ukrainian family to settle in Canada.

Lazy Cabbage Rolls – when you don't have enough time (or energy) to make cabbage rolls, this casserole still satisfied that cabbage craving!

Meat & Fish dishes

Studenetz – this dish for jellied lean pork is said to be an acquired taste, but it is so delicius that it won't take long to acquire it if you don't already love it

Chicken in Dill Sauce – an old-time all-time favourite

Baked Easter ham  traditional at Easter and great any other time

Almond fish – popular for the traditional Christmas Eve meatless dinner, but delicious anytime of year!

Quick & Easy homemade sausage – no casings needed and this sausage isn't smoked, so it takes very little time to make, so you can enjoy it all the sooner!

Pickles & Condiments

Easter Horseradish sauce – wonderful with Easter ham, and any meat dish year round

Refrigerator Bread & Butter pickles – A quick & easy approach to an old favourite.

Super Sour Dill Pickles – for die-hard pickle lovers!

Easter Beets & Horseradish – tangy and delicious especially made with fresh horseradish that's easy to make—as long as you know what you're doing! 

Blender Dill Mayonnaise – a great dipping sauce for appies.

Navy Bean Dip – a Ukrainian twist on hummus. Traditional at Christmas, delicious year round!


Peperivka – if you've got the stomach to try pepper in whisky, give this a go!

Cherry Cha Cha – careful as this delicious drink is also dangerously potent! 

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