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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Ukrainian radio shows in Canada

These programs broadcast on a wide variety of stations, ranging from commercial to community and campus radio. Many are bilingual, and accessible to the "Ukrainian-impaired." 

Some programs (like mine) have been on the air for decades. Others are more recent. With few exceptions, they are produced and hosted by underpaid if not unpaid broadcasters who pump out their programs week after week as a “labour of love” on behalf of the community.

In decades past, Ukrainian Canadian radio programs had limited distribution, for a variety of reasons. Some smaller stations had low-power transmission towers with weak signals. Also, since most programs are produced and hosted by volunteers or self-funded individuals, there are insufficient resources to promote the programs. Conventional wisdom holds that Ukrainian programs are not able to generate sufficient revenues for the radio stations that air them to justify the expense of promoting them.

Today, however, listeners can tune in to radio stations around the world on computers and mobile devices, to access any program they want broadcasting from anywhere in the world.

Listeners looking for “something different” from the mainstream are increasingly finding our programs online. Those who do are discovering the joy of Ukrainian music and folklore, and learning about Ukraine and its history in the process.

If you’re looking for Ukrainian shows to listen to, check out the list below.

Ukrainian Radio Programs across Canada
Program: Ukrainian Time
Producer: Simon Kouklewsky.
Content: Variety show featuring local and international news, politics, Ukrainian Catholic and Ukrainian Orthodox religious broadcasts, interviews, and Ukrainian music.
Details: Saturdays at 6-7 pm EST on AM1280 CFMB Montreal
Live stream & station information:
Podcast/program information: 
Program: Ukrainian Hour
Producer & Host: Irena Bell
Content: Variety program featuring contemporary and traditional music, news, interviews, reports, cultural curiosities, and more.
Details: Sundays 6-7pm EST on CJLL 97.9FM CHIN Radio Ottawa
Live stream & station/program information:

Program: Radio Meest
Host: Yuri Kus and guest hosts
Content: Live variety program featuring music, local and international news, interviews and community events.
Details: Daily 9-10 pm EST on CIRV 88.9FM  
Live stream & station/program information: 
Program: Prometheus
Host: Roman Halushchak 
Content: Live info-political program with news from Ukraine, Canada and around the world, as well as weekly segments about health and music.
Details: Sundays 4-5 pm EST on AM1540 Chin Radio Toronto
Live stream & station/program information:
Program: Sounds of Ukraine
Host: Karen Momotiuk
Content: Variety music program featuring Ukrainian folk classics and dance music
Details: Saturdays 11am - 12pm EST on 99.1FM CJAM University of Windsor campus radio
Live stream & station/program information:

Program: Nasha Kasha
Host: Stefan Andrusiak
Content: Talk show featuring interesting guests from the local Ukrainian community.
Details: Sunday 5:30-6pm EST on CHRW-FM Western University campus radio.
Live stream & station/program information:

Portage La Prairie, MB
Program: Saturday Night Polka Party
Host: Ryan Simpson
Content: Zabava-type program featuring polkas and old-tyme fiddle and dance music by artists from around Canada and the United States, as well as young local up-and-coming polka bands.
Details: Saturdays 7-10pm CST on CFRY Radio 920 AM / 93.1 FM
Live stream & station/program information:
Program: Ukrainian Radio Program
Hosts: Ivas Zulyniak (Mon & Tue), Marta Skrypnyk (Wed) Ness Michaels (Fri & Sat)
Content: An eclectic mix of the newest pop and rock music from Ukraine, dance favourites, folk classics, Zabava music and more.
Details: Monday-Friday 7-8pm CST Saturdays 5-6pm on CKJS AM810

Live stream & station information:
Program: Muzyka Ukraine
Hosts: Yars Lozowchuk and Ginger Merk
Content: Musical variety show featuring contemporary music from Ukraine
Details: Wednesdays 3-4pm CST on CJTR 91.3FM community radio Regina
Live stream & station information:
Program: Zabava Program
Host: Steven Chwok
Content: A mix of traditional country-style Ukrainian Canadian dance music from the prairies and more contemporary fare.
Details: Sundays 7-9pm MST on AM840 CFCW Edmonton
Live stream & station information:
Program: BUC Program [Brotherhood of Ukrainian Catholics, Edmonton Eparchy]
Host: Roman Kravec
Content: Ukrainian Catholic perspective featuring news on "Our Church"  from Ukraine, Canada, and local as well as music and interviews primarily (but not exclusively) religious in nature.
Details: Sunday 6 -6:30 pm MST on 101.7FM World FM
Live stream & station information:
Program: Vechirnia Hodyna
Host: Father Gabriel Haber OSBM (Order of Saint Basil the Great in Canada)
Content: Gospel reading for the day, with commentary by Father Gabriel, and Ukrainian religious (primarily classical choral) music.
Details: Sunday 6:30-7 pm MST 101.7FM World FM
Live stream & station information:
Program: Sounds Ukrainian
Hosts: Orest and Lada
Content: An eclectic mix of the newest in Ukrainian music: rock, pop, alternative, hip hop, club, classical, experimental, folk, blues, jazz and more.
Details: Fridays 7-8:30 pm MST FM88 CJSR Radio  University of Alberta campus radio
Live stream & station information:
British Columbia:
Program: Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio
Hosts: Paulette “Pawlina” Demchuk MacQuarrie, Oksana Poberezhnyk
Content: Variety show featuring Ukrainian music, interviews, Ukrainian Food Flair, Ukraine Jewish Heritage, cultural curiosities, and more. First hour with Pawlina in English, second hour with Oksana in Ukrainian.
Details: Wednesdays 11am-1 pm, Radio Malaspina 101.7FM.
Live stream & station information:
Podcast/archives/program information:
Twitter: @NashHolos 
Program: Четверта Хвиля (Chetverta Khvilya)
Host: Pavlo Manugevych
Content: Variety show featuring Ukrainian music, interviews, and more.
Details: Saturdays 11am -12pm CJSF 90.1fm
Live stream & station information:

Program: Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio
Host: Paulette “Pawlina” Demchuk MacQuarrie
Content: Variety show featuring Ukrainian music, interviews, Ukrainian Food Flair, Ukraine News Outlook, cultural curiosities, and more.
Details: Vancouver broadcast: Sundays 5-6 pm PST on AM1320 CHMB Vancouver.
Live stream & station information:
Podcast/archives/program information:
Twitter: @NashHolos



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