Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Why should you go to Ukrainian festivals?

So you don't miss out on stuff like this!

(From Vesna Festival a year or two ago...)


Stanislav said...

You are killing me Pawlina! I've been there, at Vesna Fest in Saskatoon two ot three years ago and I've seen that "Kolomeika". I was shocked to see that guys in modern costumes dancing authentic dances with such fun and energy, with true... dedication to what they are in theirs soul. You have to see it one day in your eyes, feel how they feel that moment, see how they step in the "kolo"and how they having rest... This is outstanding and may be this is future of Ukrainian dance. Get it real! It is not history, it works! :-)

Pawlina said...

It is fun to be Ukrainian, isn't it? :-)

Stanislav said...

Yes, it is a fun. If you can use it :-)