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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tyt i Tam - CD of the Week April 13, 2008

The CD of the Week on Nash Holos April 13 was Tyt i Tam's debut album (self-titled).

It features Ukrainian folk favourites, and two original tracks, all "dancetastic" to use their word.

The CD arrived at the station a couple of weeks ago, so once again I had new music to listen to on the drive home (a great perk of doing this program). I'd actually been waiting for it for a while, so I was quite anxious to listen to it.

After a few seconds of the first track I said to myself, "This sounds promising!" ... and all the rest of the way home it definitely fulfilled that promise.

It's very upbeat, bursting with a combination of youthful energy, incredible musical mastery, and a unique yet authentic Ukrainian sound. Great vocals as well as instrumentals, with some delightful surprises. You'll definitely need your dancing boots ... I defy you to sit still while listening to this CD!

The Saskatoon-based Tyt i Tam will be performing at the city's Vesna Festival May 8 & 9 (alongside Shoom from Winnipeg). A few months later they will release their second album "Azh do Rannya" at Canada's National Ukrainian Festival taking place August 2-4 in Dauphin, MB.

You can read about their exploits, book a performance, or buy their CD, at their website (here). I heartily recommend all of the above!

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