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Thursday, April 10, 2008

MSM disrespecting its customers?

Speaking of bad attitudes, I guess I shouldn't single out Ukrainians. Here in Canada we're not always as "nice" as we like to present ourselves to the world.

Take this e-article for example, on the website of one of Canada's major broadcasters.

It lists TV's top 10 infomerical "stars" ... in a tone that is somewhat more than slightly mocking. Altho in fairness, perhaps the writer was just trying to be funny.

But it was coming across several references to viewers as "losers" that I found particularly shocking, and not the least bit funny.

With all due respect to the artistic elements involved, the media/entertainment industry is still a business ... and I just can't see how insulting customers could be considered a winning business strategy.

For my part, I start every Nash Holos program addressing my listeners as "дорогі слухачі" (dear listeners) or "шановні слухачі" (esteemed listeners). And I mean it. My listeners are very dear to me. Without them there would be no need for me to produce Nash Holos ... which I love doing.

It's a practice I began from my first days in radio, when I noticed my mentors and role models doing it. I haven't yet come across any good reason to not continue. It's a throwback to the golden days of showbiz, back when stars used to end their shows by blowing a kiss and saying "I love you" to the audience instead of scowling and smashing their instruments.

But, I dunno. Maybe times have changed, and such practices are completely passe. Maybe I'm just out of touch with contemporary society and the business world's latest marketing strategies.

So, is sneering at media consumers the "cool" thing to do these days, like instrument-smashing finales on stage?

Not that I ever intend to change my stodgy ways. I appreciate my listeners so will always regard them with great affection and treat them with utmost respect. (Whether it's "cool" or not.)

I'm just asking.

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