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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Vancouver radio station switches format - yet again

Wow. Isn't this a great example of truly, groundbreakingly, innovative broadcasting.

Yet another talk station, and on the cheap ... the owners are replacing the creative content (such as it was) produced by 14 employees with traffic reports, occasional live sports coverage, and what appears will be mostly recycled programs from their "sister" stations.

As a writer, I do admire the great "spin" that their PR agency came up with:

Signing on Monday, June 5 at 7:30 a.m., the new AM730 Continuous Drive Time Traffic and the Best of Talk provides Vancouver listeners with an essential service in a brand new way...

In a completely unique and innovative format, AM730 Continuous Drive Time Traffic and the Best of Talk delivers continuous traffic reports during the critical morning and afternoon drive periods. The new station also features the Vancouver Whitecaps and Giants and the Seattle Seahawks play-by-play games as well as the 'best of talk,' offering original programming and time-shifted CKNW signature programming...

Lucky Vancouver listeners, eh?

I think my favourite is "essential service in a brand new way" ... or maybe "time-shifted signature programming" ...

Well, whatever. Good luck to them.

In the meantime, Vancouver listeners actually are lucky. They can get a break from such mundane fare by tuning in to Nash Holos and Chetverta Khvylia ...

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