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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Vancouver audio archives updated for 082006

Audio archives for the August 20 broadcast of Nash Holos and Chetverta Khvylia (4th Wave) are now available!

We're now up to date with the archives and back to our regular routine. I've just returned after 9 days in Ukie Heaven, aka the Adult Ukrainian Language Immersion Camp at Crystal Lake, SK ... and other crazy adventures with family members in Winnipeg and Calgary.

Join Pavlo for the latest news and views from Ukraine, in Ukrainian, as well as some great tunes on Chetverta Khvylia.

On Ukrainian Food Flair Sylvia shares some information about potatoes and another delightful, uniquely Ukrainian way of preparing them. On Travel Tips, Father Bruce has some tips on negotiating your way around the myriad markets in Ukraine.

And of course, there's plenty of Great Ukrainian music! And more to come...

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