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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Interview with Vasyl

Recently, my fellow Ukie blogger, Vasyl Pawlowsky, at the uamuzik blog, was interviewed for an article in a Ukrainian publication called Не будь байдужим which, loosely translated means, I believe, "don't be bored!"

If you can read Ukrainian, check it out here. (With any luck, someone may be convinced to translate it into English... Hint, hint, Vasyl!)

While you're there, spend some time toodling around the site. Very interesting!


Anonymous said...

We are all proud of Vasyl's exploits in Ukraine. We miss his joie de vive and flair for life. Keep up the great work Vasyliu!!!

POMAH :-))

Vasyl Pawlowsky said...

Which Roman? I know dozens of them!

Pawlina, thanks for the plug! : ) - If I only had time, I'm busy translating some of my previously published articles in English into Ukrainian for our soon to be launched company website... Stay tuned!

Pawlina said...

Of course you do, Vasyl! :-)

You're most welcome, and good luck with the translations and the new website. Looking forward to it!

Taras said...

Thanks for the link, Pawlina!:)

I read the interview with great gusto and added Vasyl to my blogroll — a move long overdue:)

A word of correction from someone who had the courage to correct Taras Kuzio: "Не будь байдужим" can be translated as "don't be careless," "don't be a stranger," "don't pass by.":)))

Pawlina said...

You're welcome, Taras... and thanks for the Ukrainian vocabulary lesson!

I've always said that Ukrainian is an incredibly rich and evocative language. You can say so much more with mere words in Ukrainian!

And btw, keep up the moxie ;-)

Taras said...

It's a slightly different case. The first translation is the most precise. The other two belong in the creative department — the sine qua non of quality in translation. Since literal translation can be a communication killer, the "teacher" decided not to limit himself to one version:)))

Pawlina said...

That was a smart move! When translating any kind of idiomatic phrasing it's a good idea to cover as many bases as possible. ;-)

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