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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sense of decency missing in the media

This article illustrates the ugly side of the media industry.

The sister-in-law of a man believed to be the key suspect in the slaying of a B.C. principal says her kids feel like prisoners in their home because media are camping outside.

In an interview with radio station Red FM, Jas Cheema says Paul Cheema is staying with the family and that's making life difficult.

Paul Cheema is reportedly under police investigation in connection with his new wife Shemina Hirji's murder earlier this month -- just five days after the couple was married. ...

How sad for all of us that the media's focus is so much on death and disaster that they can't even wait until there is real news to report, and have to harrass people and disrupt lives in order to get their "scoop."

That article came out last month. Now, according to this article, the suspect has just been found dead.

Late Monday night, Integrated Homicide Investigation Team spokesman Cpl. Dale Carr confirmed ... that a body had been found.

"We can say we have an individual who is deceased. We're not prepared at this time to offer a gender or offer a manner," Carr said.

So why not wait until they have something definitive to say? Yes, yes, "the public has a right to know." But I'm sure most of us can wait until there is actually something to know.

Let's hope the media hounds have enough decency to back off from this family now. Whether the guy did it or not, his relatives are innocent and deserve to be left alone to deal with their grief.

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