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Monday, June 16, 2008

Nash Holos Ukrainian Language School Final Exam

If you are a regular listener to Nash Holos, you are automatically enrolled in Nash Holos Ukrainian Language School. :-)

The first (and possibly only) "school" year has flown by, but we have completed the curriculum, consisting of Ron Cahute's series of "teaching" CDs ... Barabolya, Tsyboolya, Booryak and Borscht.

And to wrap things up, we'll naturally have to have a graduation ceremony. Everyone is welcome to attend the grad, of course. But those "students" who wish to graduate with a Diploma and be eligible to receive a special graduation gift, will have to take the Final Exam.

There are 50 multiple choice questions based on the lessons in the CDs, so if you've been paying attention throughout the year, there is no reason you wouldn't ace the exam! (Although, if you haven't but are the type that likes a challenge, you should take it anyway.)

No time limit on the "exam" itself, although they'll to be completed by June 25. Just fill in your name and the city where you live, and go to it. If you pass (passing score is 50%) you will get your Diploma right on the spot.

Log on to take the exam here.

Good luck, and have fun!


Ukemonde said...

What an original and fun thing to do Paulette. I did take the time to do the test. Looks like I passed. HMMMMM!!! This should also be fun for the non-speaking Ukrainians, they can certainly pull out some old familiar words they might have heard or learned. Congrats on this once again, will pass this on to my wife who is presently teaching a few adult Ukrainian, it might be a fun thing for them also.


Pawlina said...

Awesome! Glad you enjoyed doing it. I'm going to have to go now and see if any of your fellow "students" took the "exam."

So glad you like the idea ... I know I tend to be a bit of goof on air sometimes but I did hope people would find this fun. Дуже дякую for letting me know you did.

I'd love to get Valya's take on it too. ;-)

For my part, it was a blast putting the "exam" together and now I get to have fun vicariously through you... and maybe even some other "students."

Man, what a great job I have! :-)

Vasyl Pawlowsky said...


I will concur with Roman, fun little quiz, and nice way to encourage language learning. Never listened Cahute CDs you used for the program and lessons, so I guess 98% isn't bad, but probably would have scored better when I was about 7 years old. You stumped me with the last question! Have a great day...

You probably did have a great time putting it together... We have to entertain ourselves somehow! :)

Pawlina said...

Aha ... well, that "lesson" was covered in NH Language School. :-)

But if you listen to the CD Barabolya, and you know your 60's rock-n-roll, you'll get unstumped.

Yes, it was great fun putting the questions together. I was laughing my fool head off in the process for much of the time !

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