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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Return to Paradise

The other day, Molly Anne Warring's 3rd book in her Paradise Acres series arrived in the mail. After dinner, I sat down with it and a cup of tea, intending to thumb through it for a few minutes to whet my appetite for a more leisurely read later. Several hours later (and way past my bedtime), I had finished the book ... still in the same spot and my tea long gone cold.

There are few books that will keep me glued to a chair when bed is beckoning, just so I can find out "what happens next." But I could not bear to put down Return to Paradise until I did.

Such fascinating and well-developed characters and situations ... the crazy American woman, those hillbilly horse-whisperers, the black lady lawyer, the Native family, the seedy trucking tycoon, the madame, the priests, the cops and spies ... not to mention of course the main cast of Stry-Ker family members, their growing fortunes, and all the family dynamics. Some of the scenes are seared into my memory bank, particularly the wild one where the cursed Rolls Royce exploded. That story line alone would make a great Hollywood horror flick. (Gave me the chills, that's for sure.)

I liked how the story was placed in the context of Canadian historical events, such as the Air India investigation and political regime changes. I found it added depth to the storyline and colour to the historical events. Nice touch to wrap up the trilogy with a Stry-Ker returning to Ukraine.

Another emotional roller-coaster ride, with an entertainining mix of happy, sad, and mysterious characters and events in a unique western Canadian setting.

List price: $19.95.
Publisher: Borealis Press
Format: Trade Paperback
Published: August 1, 2008
ISBN: 9780888873651

The other titles in the trilogy are Paradise Acres and Lost Paradise. The set (or any individual novel) would make an ideal gift. Books can be purchased through Chapters as well as Borealis Press and Molly's website.

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