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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Vancouver audio archives updated to Feb. 22, 2009

Audio archives of Nash Holos and Chetverta Khvylia are now updated to the most recent Sunday's broadcasts.

Many thanks for your patience with the gap in posting and updating this past month. It was due mostly to the fact that I spent the first two weeks of February in Hawaii, on a belated honeymoon. :-)

There will likely be more gaps in the coming few months, as I have just signed a contract to write a book on the WWI internment. So blog posts will be sketchy, altho program uploads shouldn't be affected, at least to the same extent.

A couple of heads-ups announcements: 

1. Fr. Ihor Kutash will be visiting Vancouver on March 14/15. Fr. Ihor resides in Montreal where (among many other things he does) he produces Blahovisnyk (The Evangelist) for Ukrainian Time in Montreal (in Ukrainian) and for Nash Holos in Vancouver (in English). Details of his visit are on the Features page of the NH website.

2. Ukrainian Food Flair will be returning to Nash Holos very shortly, with a new guest host. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, the archive audio vault is now fully up to date for your convenience and listening pleasure. 

This is a very busy time at Nash Holos, with changes occuring on the technical/production front as well as in the creative/content sphere. So, again, my sincere thanks for staying with me! 


Jest nas Wielu said...

Dear, Pawlina,
I’m Ukrainian blogger from Mozambique and I would like to exchange links between our blogs. What do you think about this idea?

Yes, my blogue is in Portuguese, but it’s a lot of Portuguese speaking people are living in Canada and it will be nice, if they will have a good pro – Ukrainian point of view about Ukraine.

Best rgds,

Pawlina said...

Hey Jest,

I think it is a capital idea!

I don't speak a word of Portuguese but am aware of the Ukrainian-Portuguese connection. I'm not sure where Mozambique enters the mix, tho? But it sounds fascinating!

Definitely I'll put you on my blogroll.

Thanks for stopping by!

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