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Monday, June 08, 2009

Vancouver audio archives updated to June 07, 2009

The Nash Holos audio archives are updated to June 07, 2009.

Judy shares a quick and easy recipe for a delicious prawn salad that she experienced in Ukraine recently.

On A Spiritual Moment, Fr. Ihor Kutash joins us (courtesy Ukrainian Time in Montreal) with reflections on Pentecost.

As well, our Ukrainian proverb of the week, upcoming events, messages from our sponsors, and plenty of great Ukrainian music! Musical theme is Jazz & Blues - Ukrainian style. Featured artists: The Luna Band, Olya Fryz, Vasyl Popadiuk, Rosemarie Todaschuk, Burya, Shoom, Dinah Shore, ShockolaD, Charivna, Braty Hadiukiny, Migrena and the Kubasonics.


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