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Monday, August 24, 2009

Pryvit - Fantastic Ukrainian folk group from Montreal

Pryvit from Montreal opened yesterday's program with a song by the same name... Pryvit, which means to Life. I mistakenly said that it was the title track of their first CD release. It wasn't, it was the first track, and the name of the CD is Берег Надії (Shores of Hope). Mea culpa!

They released their second CD last fall, Закликання - Remember Me, which was featured as a CD of the Week in November 2008 on Nash Holos radio.

Pryvit consists of Roman Kostyk, Mark Bednarczyk, and Irene Michalyk ... at least this incarnation which recorded Закликання. Originally, Pryvit was just Roman and Mark, and it was the two of them listeners to yesterday's program heard singing Pryvit.

Unfortunately, Pryvit does not have a website up yet, but if you'd like to order one or both of their CDs (which I highly recommend you do!) you can email them. Fortunately, I came across a YouTube video of the trio performing live at the Montreal Ukrainian Festival in 2006. Here it is. Enjoy!

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