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Monday, July 26, 2010

Nash Holos audio archives updated to July 25, 2010

Program podcast and other updates now available at the Nash Holos website.

This week's Cultural Capsule with Vasyl Pawlowksy features Canada's National Ukrainian Festival. Irena Bell's Did You Know is about the largest country in Europe. Father Ihor Kutash will be returning, and I'm working on something new and very different to air in rotation with him.

Our recipe was an encore presentation of Judy's cousin's apple cake which was featured last summer (here). Although Judy has left us to concentrate on her expansion plans for Prairie Cottage Perogies, I'm re-running some of her more colourful presentations for the benefit of any new listeners who may have missed the original broadcast, particularly listeners of the International Editions airing on the PCJMedia network. I'm in discussions with a couple of potential replacements. Will keep you posted.

Stay tuned for details of all these changes as they come available.

In the meantime, check out the archives and enjoy an hour of fun, Ukrainian style, on Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio!

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