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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ukrainian Prime Minister censors political comedy on TV

According to this recent article, the prime minister of Ukraine has issued an edict forbidding Ukrainian television stations to lampoon Ukrainian politicians.

Yes ... decent, civilized people will find such a scenario absurd and unbelievable but, unfortunately, it's quite true. Ukrainian Prime Minister Azarov announced the news on Sept. 21.

Pity the Ukrainian people who dared hope that this crop of politicians might have some interest in advancing their country.

Can anyone living in a modern democracy imagine television stations being forbidden to produce comedies about their country's politicians? Western politicians have thick enough skins that they have no problem allowing citizens to laugh at them. They also have enough confidence and maturity to be able to laugh at themselves and sometimes even join in the lampooning.

Now granted, Ukrainian citizens have a grim sense of humour (a byproduct of the soviet era) so most of them would probably consider TV shows lampooning their politicians overkill anyway. They are already  laughing at their politicians (albeit bitterly). As is the rest of the world.

Full article is here.

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