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Friday, March 25, 2011

March Edition of Media Network Plus

Just a reminder to tune in to this month's edition of MNP later today or on the weekend.

 On this month's show:
  • more on the SWL Fest (and Shortwave Shindig) h eld in Plymouth, Meeting USA
  • developments in Japan and Lybia
  • information on the new A11 schedule. 
The first transmission is today at 0100UTC (9 pm EST) on 9955khz to the Americas and also streaming live at (Note the new UTC time for those in daylight savings time regions.)

Over the weekend you can hear the show in rotation on internet radio at .

For transcripts of earlier shows visit the MediaNetworkPlus blog ... many thanks to Victor Sergeyev of Ukraine for volunteering to do the incredibly labour-intensive job of transcriptions.

Previous issues will be Also you can find a partial transcript of the December 2010 edition. The interview I did with Victor Kovalenko on the declining state of press freedom in Ukraine is available here. Many thanks to Victor K. for transcribing and posting it. While you're there, stay awhile. It's an excellent blog, and it's in English so there's no language barrier for the Ukrainiam-challenged!

For this month's edition of MediaNetworkPlus, here are the broadcast details:

March 25 – 9 pm EST/6pm PST
Webstream: Radio Miami International

March 26 – 9955khz – 0100UTC (Caribbean/Latin America)
March 26 – MV/FM – 0200UTC (Micronesia) 7pm PST
Webstream: PCJ Radio

March 26 – FM 90.5fm – 0300UTC (Singapore) 8pm PST

Webstream: PCJ Radio

March 26 – MV/FM – 0500UTC (Micronesia) 10pm PST

Webstream: PCJ Radio

March 27 – Internet – 0500UTC 10pm PST

Webstream: PCJ Radio
January 30 – Internet – 1500UTC 8am PST

Webstream: PCJ Radio

To convert to your local time, check out my favourite, easy-to-use time zone converter here: .

Radio Miami International also relays the program at various times after the first transmission.

Ditto World FM in New Zealand, and a number of PCJ Partner Stations.

The program will be archived at the PCJ Media website at the MNP page early next week.

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