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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Canadian MP Peggy Nash on the Yulia Tymoshenko arrest and trial

The Ukrainian community in Toronto has been holding demonstrations to protest the arrest and show trial of Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukraine's former Prime Minister and now Leader of the Opposition.

Many speakers have come forward in support of Tymoshenko — as well as democracy and the rule of law. Both of which appear to be in short supply in Ukraine's officialdom.

A particularly eloquent speech was delivered (in English) by Canadian MP Peggy Nash. As a member of the Official Opposition here in Canada, she has
a good idea of what constitues a functioning democracy, and what does not.

Hint: the arrest and show trial of Tymoshenko does not. Details in an excellent article by RFE/RL here.

There'll be a report from Ukraine on the Tymoshenko arrest/show trial on the next edition of Nash Holos, which will air in Vancouver on AM1320 CHMB this Sunday, and on the PCJ radio network later in the week.

In the menatime, here is a video of Peggy Nash addressing the demonstration in Toronto this week.


Stanislav said...

"People around the World are watching and we expect better". Personally I would not hold a portret of Yulia, because the question is not about her personally, but about a leader of opposition.

Pawlina said...

Yes, you're right Stanislav.

It's also about the strength and integrity of the rule of law in Ukraine ... and those who administer it.

It is really them that are on trial, because it is them that the world is watching.

I wonder if they realize that?

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