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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Nash Holos archives updated to 29April2012.

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Here’s what’s on:

Ukrainian Food Flair ... with Sylvia Molnar:

• Spinach as an aid for weight loss
• Sylvia’s recipe for spinach patties

Ukraine News Outlook ... with Keith Perron:

• Bombings in Ukraine
• Is Ukraine ready for Euro2012?

Special Chornobyl Feature

• Keith Perron and Jonathan Marks on the role that amateur radio played in undermining the soviet regime and exposing the facts of the 1986 Chernobyl explosion to the world

Other items of interest:

• Proverb of the Week
• Upcoming local events
• Great Ukrainian music!


Molodtsi (Winnipeg)
Millenia (Edmonton)
Tyt i Tam (Saskatoon)
• Ludwig (UK)
• Taras Petronenko (Ukraine)
• Boris Sichon (BC)
• Rebecca Sichon  (BC)
Canadian Rhythm Masters (Winnipeg)

Audio files & music lineup available at


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