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Monday, February 01, 2016

Ukrainians being deported from Canada

Recently I came across an appalling story about a Ukrainian immigrant family that is being deported from Canada.

This young family, the Vasileyevs, came to Canada in 2012. Since then, they they have been going through all the hoops involved in the immigration process, following all the rules to apply for Canadian citizenship.

But now they are about to be deported. From Canada.

Many things about this story trouble me, not least of all that so far it is not getting much coverage in the media.

The only story on this family's woes was published in the Winnipeg Sun. It was reprinted in Canoe News and referenced by The Rebel in a brief video that takes a poke at the current Trudeau government.

How this family is being treated, by Canadian bureaucrats and Canadian media alike, is so wrong.

There is corruption in bureaucratic ranks that allows this sort of thing to happen, regardless of which political party is currently in power in Ottawa.

Yet no one investigates, no one speaks up, no one pays any attention at all until there is some political gain to be made.

Being in the media myself (albeit on the outer fringes), I can't blame The Rebel for taking advantage of this family's predicament. It is just doing what comes naturally in the media biz, which is more cut-throat than most, and is fast becoming as politically polarized as it is south of the border.

That said, it is an utter disgrace that the media ignores stories like these until they do become partisan issues. At which point all those left standing in the spotlight can see fit to do is point fingers at their political opponents.(Whatever happened to the meme of "comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable?")

In my humble opinion, it is beyond disingenuous, and shameful, to play partisan politics with such travesties. Because while those of us living our lives of comfort and privilege enjoy the luxury of playing partisan politics (or not), hardworking, innocent, good people who just want to have a decent life keep getting screwed.

As for the few who will bother to watch the video and read the article, you can bet yer boots there are some among them who will soon be arguing about how either the current government or the previous government is to blame for this family's plight.

Meanwhile, nothing will be done to help the Vasileyevs, and they will return to their country with less than flattering accounts about ours.

Sadly, few Canadians, including those of Ukrainian extraction, seem to be very concerned about that. But hey, there are obviously more pressing matters (like arguing partisan politics) than helping people who are being victimized by incompetent and/or corrupt bureaucrats.

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