Monday, May 08, 2006

11th annual BC Ukrainian Cultural Festival

OK, so now I have egg on my face ... maybe we don't have kubasa contests but we do have the BC Ukrainian Cultural Festival! And that is definitely a fun thing.

Last Saturday I was there (as usual) and had a table next to a very interesting organization called "Heart to Heart." They provide financial support to the extended families of Ukrainian children who become orphaned so that they can stay with their families and out of the orphanages, which although they try, do a generally abysmal job of looking after orphans. The cost is about $20 a month, so do go to the site and sign up to sponsor an orphan in Ukraine. It's nice to finally see this kind of "save a Ukrainian child" organization ... it was self-initiated, as are pretty much all Ukrainian aid organizations. This one was founded in Ternopil in 1994.

Also, there were some fabulous local musicians performing there ... the Ukrainian Dulcimer Ensemble, champion fiddler Mike Sanyshyn, bandurist and singer Ruta Yawney, and a Canadian folk group from Langley called Wheat in the Barley that plays a mean kolomeyka!

Lots of great exhibits, including Danny Evanishen of Summerland, with his books of folk tales and CDs, and his lovely wife Jean and her Trypillian pottery; Myrna Arychuk of Solaway Travel, and many other local exhibitors.

There was non-stop dancing from 9 am till 7 pm by some 290 dancers from all over BC and also Washington state. The little kids were adorable (and surprisingly good!) and the older dancers put on some breathtaking performances. Lots of gold medals got awarded.

Oh yeah, and the food was great, too!

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Wheat in the Barley Rocks!