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Friday, May 05, 2006

Ukrainian folk instruments - new internet scam

Funny stuff going on in Australia:

... Fastcash received a troubling email from one Dmitry, of the [sic] Ukraine:

'Hello. My name is Dmitry Sergeev and I am the manager of the Human Resources department of UFIS (Ukrainian Folk Instruments Sales). The purpose of this message is to draw YOUR attention to a vacant position of financial manager.
'About us: We are a Ukrainian company producing specialised hand-made Ukrainian folk instruments, such as Trembita, Bandura, Tsymbaly. We shall pay you up to $10,000 per day. All we need is your bank account details.'

'Should I take the job?' Fastcash wondered.
It was clearly a great opportunity, but what did he know of Ukrainian folk music?

... Fastcash decided not to pursue the job offer. Selling Ukrainian folk music instruments seemed all too easy.

Amazing what some characters will come up with for internet scams.

But the guy that thought this one up obviously was smoking something very strong if he imagined anyone would believe they could make $10k a day selling Ukrainian folk instruments.

Still, I suppose, you never know...

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