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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

self-regulation works better in theory than reality

According to this article, the broadcasting industry isn't keen on the increase in the FCC's amounts for indecency fines.

... [the National Association of Broadcasters] believes responsible self-regulation is preferable to government regulation.

Of course ... As would any fox in any hen house. So when are they planning to start this "self-regulation"? Or do they consider (which I think is the case) that they are already doing it? If so, they have pretty low standards of decency.

If there is regulation, it should be applied equally to include cable, satellite TV, and satellite radio.

Agreed. Now will we see the NAB take some leadership in "industry self-regulation" and get cable, satellite TV and satellite radio to work with them to clean up the airwaves?

Sure. Who'll be the first to fire their foul-mouthed shock-jock cash cow?

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