Friday, May 12, 2006

May 16th, 2006 = Census Day in Canada

A message from Slavko:

For those of you who reside in Canada and are of Ukrainian heritage, please remember to fill out your Census forms and indicate that you are of Ukrainian Heritage.

The Ukrainian Canadian community benefits from increased visibility and one of the tools of visibility is the Census. Even if you are 5th generation Canadian and only your Baba or Dido are Ukrainian, mark it down.

With increased numbers, the community has more clout and thus affect many things from Ukrainian Language programs in schools to services provided to access to multi-cultural programs to recognition in Heritage Canada.

In recent years people of Ukrainian heritage have become an invisible minority. Lets change that and stand up and be counted.

Note: An interview with the Executive Director of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress on this topic will be broadcast on Montreal's May 13 Ukrainian Time radio program. It will be re-broadcast on Vancouver's Nash Holos on May 14.

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