Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio goes live in Nanaimo

From now on every Wednesday at 12 noon, Radio Malaspina will air Nash Holos live on CHLY 101.7fm!

This is a new experience for me, as the show has always been pre-recorded. It harkens back to the days prior to going digital in 2002, when the show was done "live to tape."

It was almost like doing the show live, but the tape could be stopped to edit on the fly and re-record a section if desired.

Can't do that with live radio, tho! So it's a new adventure.

On my debut show I didn't do a lot of talking, mostly I was getting used to the rhythm of all the controls with the mixing board, computer and CD player. I sat in the day before on Fresh Cutz, hosted by Dylan Perry. Typical of all pros, he made it look deceptively easy!

I am grateful to the lovely Ashta, who took the time to give me a wonderful introduction at the start of the show, and some help with the controls. The rest of the show was back to back music, with Ukrainian Food Flair (potato cabbage roll filling) and Ukraine News Outlook with a feature on feminism in Ukraine.

Ashta went back to her duties shortly after the intro, and then Dylan took over supervision of this nervous and confused live radio rookie. About 10 minutes or so later, a call came in from a listener excited to hear the show because it reminded her of her baba, who was a loyal listener of Nash Holos.

It's a small world. The caller happened to be Kerilie McDowall, host of the Monday afternoon jazz show Rhythm'a'ning!

All the folks I've met at CHLY are absolutely wonderful. They've been helpful and supportive and have gone out of their way to make me feel at home. Another reason to love this great little city!

In addition to Dylan's show, Ashta has invited me to sit in on the show she co-hosts, People First Radio. On Saturday I'll be sitting in on a bit of The LoveCast hosted by Dave O'Rama, and rest assured I will be angling for an invite to sit in on Kerilie's show and BobbieBeCool's as well. And who knows what else. (If I'm not careful, I'll end up spending most of my time there!)

Podcasts of these shows, and most others on CHLY, can be found on the podcast listings (here) on the station's website.

To provide the podcasts, the station works with a Victoria company called Daily Splice. Dylan helped me to get myself setup there, and a podcast of the live Nanaimo edition of Nash Holos can be accessed directly (here) or via iTunes (here).

For the second live show, I'll be taking the plunge behind the mic as well. So, stay tuned!

To those tuning in to the live broadcast, thanks for your patience and your support. It means more than you can ever know. :-)

This is an exciting development at Nash Holos, to have the show now syndicated nationally in Canada. The flagship show continues to air, as it has since 2000, on AM1320 CHMB Vancouver on Sundays at 5pm PST (new time effective June 3, 2012). The international syndication on the Taiwan-based PCJ Radio network also continues on AM, FM and shortwave radio aournd the world in 20+ countries, with the latest expansion being on Malta University Broadcasting 103.7fm  Saturdays at 9 pm following the BBC News Hour, effective June 9, 2012.

Talk to you next Wednesday, live from Nanaimo!


Ken said...

Congratulations on the growing Nash Holos empire! Always an interesting show -- music, news, commentary, and the food segments.

Pawlina said...

Thanks, Ken! Glad you enjoy the show. :-)

Robin said...

Wishing you all the best in this new adventure. It sounds like a lot of fun. We need more diversity in out programming so this is great to hear.

Pawlina said...

Thanks, Robin! It is turning out to be a lot of fun indeed. :-)