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Friday, June 08, 2007

Vancouver audio archives for Nash Holos updated to June 3

Apologies for the irregular posting and programming lately ... first technical difficulties for the May 27 program, then a death in the family and travelling to a funeral out of town put me behind schedule this past week.

But, Слава Богу, we're back on track now! The June 3 Nash Holos archives are now available. You'll find out a lot of interesting things including a Ukrainian seafood delicacy (herring), good places to travel to in western Canada to experience Ukrainian culture, the significance of Pentecost to Christianity and the world, a chat with the producers of the feature film Acts of Imagination, and community events including an upcoming visit to Vancouver by Edmonton author Molly Anne Warring, whose two novels on Ukrainian immigrants were nominated for the Governor General's award.

And of course, plenty of Great Ukrainian music!


Anonymous said...


Glad to have you back! Thank you for your efforts!

Pawlina said...

Thanks for the kind words, Dave.

And thanks for listening!

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