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Monday, March 17, 2008

A Spiritual Moment returns to Nash Holos

Good news for those who have written in to say they've missed the Spiritual Moment on Nash Holos!

Із Духові Твоєму (And With Your Spirit) with Fr. Bruce Power has been off the air for the past several months due to health reasons, and I still have had no word when (or whether) Father will return.

However, Fr. Edward Danylo Evanko (yes, that Edward Evanko!), the new pastor of Holy Dormition Ukrainian Catholic Church in Richmond, has graciously agreed to join Nash Holos with a Spiritual Moment of his own, called Знами Бог (God is With Us). His first segment will air on April 6.

In the meantime, he'll join me on the Easter Sunday Nash Holos program to discuss his new vocation and the surprising crossover from his "old" career in showbusiness.

Fr. Edward Danylo will be on every other week, alternating with an Orthodox priest who I hope to also introduce soon. (If you know of one who would be interested in a radio ministry on Nash Holos, please let me know!)

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