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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Vancouver audio archives updated to March 15, 2009

The Nash Holos audio archives are updated to March 15, 2009, including Chetverta Khvylia.

A couple of exciting developments in Ukie Radioland out here in Lotusland! 
  • Chetverta Khvylia (4th Wave) has expanded to one full hour, starting at 1 p.m. Sundays on CJSF 90.1 FM. Pavlo has temporarily handed over the mic to Yuriy Lubkovych and Andriy Zinchuk, exchange students from Ukraine with broadcast experience who are currently studying at BCIT. 
  • Ukrainian Food Flair is back ... with host Judy Hrenenko of Prairie Cottage Perogies. Judy has been making perogies and other yummy Ukrainian favourites for 30+ years so she knows whereof she speaks! For her radio debut on last Sunday's program, she recalls making holubtsi in the homeland, and shares an easy recipe for making lazy holubtsi at home. Next week: Easter beets and horseradish. 
Also on Nash Holos last Sunday:
  • Fr. Ihor Kutash tells the fascinating story of 13th century monk St. Gregory Palamas
  • An interview with Riffmaster conducted by Vasyl Pawlowsky who caught up with him at the video debut of Riffmaster's latest Ukrainian release, Lyst do dushi (Letter to the Soul). 
  • Proverb of the Week, upcoming community events listings, and great Ukrainian music!

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