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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ukrainian rock star cleans up Ukraine for Earth Day

The Kyiv Post reports that:

Musician Oleh Skrypka ... Ukraine’s popular musician and organizer of ethnic music festivals ... together with United Nations office in Ukraine are inviting city residents and guests to mark the Earth Day in Kyiv by cleaning up one of the city’s recreation zones, Trukhaniv Island ... on April 25. ...

Organizers said the participants will be able to clean the island, plant trees, as well as have fun in the company of folk musicians.

Accorrding to a press statement, the organizers are calling all residents of Ukraine to stop littering streets, parks and forests, and remember that "the cleanliness of human soul starts from the cleanliness of one’s yard,” said in a press statement."

Earth Day is celebrated around the world on April 22.

What a fabulous example Oleh Skrypka is sending to Ukrainians ... and entertainers the world over. Molodetz!

Full article here.


Ukrainian Canadian said...

Another Ukrainian rock star has already done this ;)

Ukrainian Canadian

Pawlina said...

Hey Andrew,

That's the blog and the post where I found out about Skrypka's clean-up!

Looking back, perhaps it was bad blogging form to not have given Taras and his commenter, Elmer, a hat-tip for that.

Mean culpa, and 10 lashes with a wet noodle for me! I promise to be more attentive!

Taras said...

Lol! Do they make noodles that strong in Canada?:)

OK, I'm indeed Ukrainian, but the rumors of my rock stardom are greatly exaggerated:)

Pawlina said...

Methinks Andrew got a tad confused. He lives in Toronto, so that may explain it. (Nothing like some Canadian east-west rivalry to start the day, eh? LOL)

As for strong enough noodles to beat me with ... now don't go giving me kinky ideas, young man. I may be a boomer but I'm not planning to go to pasture anytime soon. :-)

Anyway, great post you made about littering in Ukraine. Hopefully between you and the rock star, a few attitudes and habits will change ... for the better.

Ukrainian Canadian said...

He's a rock star in my books! Also I should point out it's probably not geography that makes us differ in our rock star list, but possibly something else more noticeable between us?

Ukrainian Canadian

Pawlina said...

Ouch. (Touché!)

Actually, truth be told, being a radio personality, my first take on a term like "rock star" would be literal. :-)

But I agree, Andrew, referring to Taras in the context you used the term is right on!

Ukrainian Canadian said...

Oh c'mon I didn't mean it like that!

Ukrainian Canadian

Pawlina said...

I know ... I was just funnin' ya. :-)

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