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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Perogy fundraiser helps fight human trafficking

This recently came to the attention of Ukrainian Canadian broadcasters:

A group of amazing volunteers recently served in excess of 1,100 dozen (13,200) perogies at the Old Manhattan Ballroom near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

This fundraising event was put on by Nashi, a group of dedicated individuals based in Saskatoon whose goal is to raise awareness of the global issues of human trafficking, particularly of children being lured by those trafficking in the sex trade in Ukraine.

The funds raised are in support of the construction and renovation of the Klenovi Lyst or Maple Leaf Centre in Stoyaniv Ukraine. The Klenovi Lyst will act as a safe house and training centre for Children at risk.

Nashi will hold another fundraiser in the fall. If you're not in the area or won't be able to travel to Saskatoon, stay tuned to Nash Holos and other Ukrainian radio programs across Canada for updates and more information, including interviews with members of the organization.

These people, IMHO, deserve a medal. Nashi is taking concrete action to rid the world of human trafficking by empowering those who would otherwise become victims of this cruel criminal element.

We should all do what we can to support this admirable organization. It doesn't take much, really, to make a big difference.

Start by watching this video, and sharing it with others.

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