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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Zubrivka - great sound from Toronto

This song by Zubrivka opened the program last Sunday. Thought I'd share it again with you, this time with a video of them performing it live (courtesy Bill at UkeTube).

If you haven't got their CD Знову вдома (Home Again), you can order it through their MySpace site here. If you do have one, order a couple more ... Christmas is coming after all! :-)

Here they are singing Тече вода каламутна - Muddy Water's Flowing.


paul k said...

check out for one of the best ukrainian productions i have heard..

Pawlina said...

Hmmm... any chance you're be an older sibling? :-)

Sorry your comment slipped by me and I'm so late in replying.

I recall hearing about Gloria and then she disappeared from the Ukrainian scene. I was very young then so as I got older I thought I must have imagined it and got her mixed up with someone, maybe Brenda Lee.

Glad that she's come full circle and has recorded a CD in Ukrainian. I listened to the samples on her MySpace site. Beautiful! If you'd like to send a promo copy I would certainly give it airtime on Nash Holos.

Also if Gloria is interested I'd love to have her on for an interview. Nash Holos is now heard in 28+ countries including Ukraine and I think listeners would find her story fascinating.

Hope to hear from you! Contact details at the Contact page

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