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Friday, November 26, 2010

Two Canadian Members of Parliament commemorate Holodomor in House of Commons

It is indeed gratifying to see politicians unite in non-partisanship to commemorate the Holodomor, a 20th century genocide that so many still deny.

Would that this commemoration were taking place in Ukraine, where the Holodomor occured.

In 1932-33Stalin and his henchment starved millions of Ukrainians to death for the sake of communist ideology. This was not the first, nor the last, attempt by the Kremlin to eradicate Ukrainians. It happened in 1921-23 and again in 1946-47.

I am proud of those Canadians in public office who have the backbone to put politics aside and call a genocide a genocide ... and (unlike the deniers who debate the "numbers") honour the memory of millions of innocents who perished in this heinous crime against humanity.

James Bezan, Member of Parliament for Selkirt Interlake

Borys Wrzesnewskyj, Member of Parliament for Etobicoke-Centre

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