Monday, November 01, 2010

You're invited to the Grand Opening of the Ivan Franko Library in Richmond

Greater Vancouver has many hidden treasures known only to its immediate environs.

One such treasure is the Ivan Franko Lending Library housed on the mezzanine of the Ukrainian Community Society of Ivan Franko in Richmond, BC. And the Society is thrilled to invite the community at large to the library's Grand Opening Sunday, November 21, 2010 at 2 pm.

Located at 5311 Francis Road, the Society was founded in 1937 in the middle of what was then a thriving farming community on Lulu Island. It adopted the name Prosvita (which in Ukrainian means "enlightenment") and modelled itself on the reading societies that sprang up in 19th century Ukraine.

These societies promoted education and literacy amongst Ukrainians newly emancipated from serfdom in the Hapsburg Empire in 1848-9 and the Russian Empire in 1861. Some of the activities included readings from books and newspapers to educate the illiterate and keep them apprised of current events.

For nearly 75 years, Richmond's Ivan Franko society has been a popular gathering place for Ukrainian immigrants and their children. Over the years, many members would donate precious books to the Society's library for posterity and future generations.

During this past year, volunteers have been working to modernize the Society's library and its holdings. Now the small but impressive collection of books on Ukrainian literature, culture, and history (in Ukrainian and English) is electronically catalogued, shelved and ready for circulation.

At the Grand Opening you can enjoy great cameraderie as well as refreshments and door prizes. As well as an opportunity to browse through the library's collection, Coquitlam author Mirko Petriw will be on hand to sign copies of his recently released novel, a political thriller called Yaroslaw's Treasure.

Make sure to treat yourself to one of Greater Vancouver's delilghtful treasures. Just please RSVP to Theresa at 604-295-0693 before November 14, 2010.


Stanislav said...

This society they have a web site. doesn't it? You have not mentioned it. Also, how to access the e-catalog?

Pawlina said...

You're right Stan they certainly do. It's here.

Sorry I didn't make it obvious, but I did embed the link in the reference to when the society was founded.

As for their e-catalogue, I imagine the details will be announced at the Grand Opening.

Definitely recommend going if you can make it.

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