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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nissan's newest car is Ukrainian?

OK ... this "ad" has got to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen:

Only two strikes against it.

First, what's with the red Russian get-up the narrator is wearing? Not a huge deal but a Ukie man's costume would have been more fitting with the theme.

Second, I would challenge their choice of Ukrainian hotspots in Winnipeg. Sevala's Ukrainian Deli would have been a much better choice. (But then, I'm a bit biased.)

All tolled, tho, hats off to Magnetic Media for this hilarious production.

Update 1: I have since heard unconfirmed rumours that this is indeed a real, bona-fide ad. So far no reports of anyone seeing it on local TV but it is posted at the car dealership's website. The accordian player is from the group High Profile and bought a car (unknown if it was a Juke) from one of the salesmen doing a cameo spot.

Update 2: Re the red coat. Well, it is the doofus wearing it. The cool dudes are wearing Ukie duds. So I'm not opposed to it after all. :-)

Update 3: More Ukie music from Winnipeg. See if you can spot the accordian player in the ad.

Update 4: The word Juke ... жук in Ukrainian, means "beetle." But, for car naming, that word in English has been taken by a German car maker. So, maybe the Juke really is a Uke after all! Next question is, have Ukrainians taken over management at Nissan? LOL

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