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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Theresa Sokyrka - Ukrainian Canadian Idol

An absolute joy to listen to, and talk with! If you missed the interview with Theresa Sokyrka on Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio a couple of weeks ago, or would like to hear it again, you can catch it on the Interviews page at the Nash Holos website.

We chatted about her music career, her Ukrainian roots, her experience on Canadian Idol, and other things.

Many thanks to Theresa for the interview. I was unfortunately unable to take in her live performance in Parksville (minor surgery the day before) and hope to get a chance to chat with her in person next time she's on the Island.

In the meantime, enjoy these videos I found of her on YouTube:

Here she is in Dauphin singing Тиша навкругич (Tysha Navkruhy - Silence All Around) and Червона Рута (Chervona Ruta - The Red Rue) as heard on Nash Holos recently ... minus background noise! Also in this video, an original Theresa Sokyrka composition "Sandy Eyes."

Here she is singing Ukraine's antional anthem, also in Dauphin.

And one of my fave jazz tunes:


ennadoolf said...

Thanks for the YouTube links .. I've never seen the Ukranian ones before. :)

Pawlina said...

You're very welcome... glad you enjoyed them!

Stanislav said...

Theresa is a great personality, has a sweet heart - I remember her in final of the Canadian Idol, what an emotional video.

Strange that she started singing the anthem in so low tune :)

Pawlina said...

Funny Stanislav, I kind of wondered about that too. I thought it was a bit low for her natural voice.

Maybe she was singing in a key that would be comfortable for most of the audience to join in.

That would fit with her kind, sweet and considerate heart. :-)

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