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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Vancouver

Mir Huculak in a playful pose with cultural artifacts
at the Ukraine Pavilion during Fusion Fest 2011 in
Surrey. The giant pysanka egg he's holding is the
creation of Marcia Moroz, a Richmond artist.
Photo credit: Marcia Moroz.
Mir Huculak is a very well-known personality in the BC Ukrainian community to which he has devoted himself for decades.

Less well-known perhaps are the details and scope of his work and accomplishments over the years, in particular the past 3 or 4 years as Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Vancouver.

In my 20+ years here on the west coast of Canada, I have noticed that at any festival where there is Ukrainian presence, it’s impossible to not bump into Mir!

However, quite frankly I had no idea really what exactly it is that a Consul (or for that matter a Consolate) does.

At one festival this past summer I had the good fortune to chat with Mir for a few minutes. He graciously agreed to come on the show to tell Nash Holos listeners a bit about his role as Honorary Consul of Ukraine in British Columbia, what function a consulate serves and some of projects he is currently working on at the consulate.

Our interview aired on Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio in Vancouver on AM1320 on October 23, 2011, and on the PCJ Radio Network the following weekend. You can hear the full interview here.

The consulate of Ukraine for British Columbia is located at #807-938 Howe Street, Vancouver. If you’d like to meet with Mir, you can book an appointment by phone at (604) 331-2505 or by email.


Baba's Beeswax | Discover the Magic of Pysanky said...

I just listened to your very informative and interesting interview with Mr. Huculak. It was inspiring to hear the enthusiasm and efforts that he is making. Congratulations to Mir, and thanks to Paulette for shedding light on this important position that we Ukrainians hold in BC.

Baba's Beeswax | Discover the Magic of Pysanky said...

This photo of Mir brought back memories of the great fun we had at Fusion Fest——Pawlina and I getting caught in a colossal downpour! Marcia's Big Egg attracting a lot of attention! fascinating the crowds with pysanky writing! and many more memorable encounters. See more photos at

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