Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nash Holos audio archives updated for week of Nov. 13, 2011

On this week's show:
  • Ukrainian Food Flair: Sylvia shares her recipe for malay (hutsul cornbread)
  • Ukraine News Outlook: gas talks with Russia, a bleak job market for youth, and new satellite TV
  • Ukrainian Christian Heritage: Fr. Ihor Kutash on 16-year old Ukrainian saint, St. Juliana
  • Did You Know? With Irena Bell, producer and host of the Ukrainian radio show in Ottawa on Canadian Brigadier General Joseph Romanow
  • Ukrainian Proverb of the week
  • Great Ukrainian music!
  • This week’s musical lineup:
    Hrim band, UB, Olya Fryz, Tyt i Tam, Cheremshyna, Homin Stepiv, Taisia Povaliy & Josep Kobzon, Berkut, Pikkardijska Tertsia, The Female Beat, Parkland Pioneers, Roughriders, and on the international edition (airing this coming weekend) Migrena as well.
The podcast for the Vancouver edition which aired last Sunday can be found on the Playlist page at the Nash Holos website.

The international edition will air on the PCJ Radio network this coming weekend on AM, FM & shortwave radio in 28+ countries. Podcast will be available on Monday.


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