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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nash Holos archives updated to 22April2012

Here’s what’s on:

In a nutshell:

Sylvia Molnar shares rhubarb facts & recipe. Keith Perron has news on Euro2012 hotel price gouging, a new nuclear co-operation agreement with Japan, & bride selling in Ukraine. Irena Bell on Ukraine-Canada twinned cities. Ukrainian proverb, music & more!

Show Notes:

Ukrainian Food Flair ... with Sylvia Molnar:

• Growing & harvesting rhubarb
• When rhubarb can taste like red wine 
• Sylvia’s recipe for fresh rhubarb cake 

Ukraine News Outlook ... with Keith Perron:

• UEFA slams Ukraine for hotel price gouging durning Euro2012
Japan and Ukraine sign nuclear disaster co-operation agreement
• Bride-selling: one of Ukraine’s fastest growing industries

Чи знали Ви? (Did You Know) ... with Irena Bell:• Twinned cities - Canada and Ukraine
• Courtesy Irena Bell, of the Ukrainian Radio Program in Ottawa

Other items of interest:

• Proverb of the Week
• Upcoming local events
• Great Ukrainian music!


· Millenia (Edmonton)· Molodtsi (Winnipeg)· Oksana Bilozir (Ukraine)
· John Stetch (USA)
· Tyt i Tam (Saskatoon)
· The Ukrainians (UK)
· Dumka (Edmonton)
· UB (Edmonton)
· Volyn (Ukraine)
· The Female Beat (Winnipeg)
· Ukrainian Old Timers (Winnipeg)

Audio files & music lineup available at


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