Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sacred choral music for Easter

Nash Holos archives updated to 08April2012. Here’s what’s on:

Ukrainian Food Flair ... with Sylvia Molnar:
• Ukrainian tradition of baking
• Different types of babka 
• Sylvia’s basic Easter babka recipe

Ukraine News Outlook ... with Keith Perron:
• Ukraine helps India upgrade its air force
• Updates on Yulia Tymoshenko, Euro2012 and nuclear security

Other items of interest:
• Proverb of the Week
• Upcoming local events
• Great Ukrainian music! This week: sacred choral music for Easter

•  Kyiv Chamber Choir (Ukraine)
•  Episcopal Choir (Ukraine)
•  Heruvymy (Edmonton)
•  Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral Choir (Winnipeg),
•  Heavenly Hosts (Ukraine)
•  Mlada (Ukraine)
•  Anytchka (Ukraine)
•  The Female Beat (Winnipeg)

Audio files & music lineup available at


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