Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ukraine: Emerging from the Catacombs

The persecution of the Church in Ukraine under the Soviets (and before) is little-known, and generally even less acknowledged in the public discourse.

EWTN has produced a 7-part series called Ukraine: Emerging fromt he Catacombs. You can find part 1 on YouTube here.


Stepan said...

I originally liked it until the nararrator said "the" Ukraine. How do you make a video about emerging from something if you don't know much about it to begin with?

Pawlina said...

Oh boy... Sigh.

Well, that's what happens when someone else tells our story.

EWTN is a Roman Catholic cable network in the U.S. It does Roman Catholic well, but as is so typical of RCs and Americans, they just don't know (or, apparently, care to learn) much about Catholics of other Rites.

Anonymous said...

I wondered if anyone knows how to find the segment which just aired on the internet or utube as the one which initiated this blog is no longer available

Pawlina said...

I found a trailer for the film.

My guess is that if you want to see the entire film you would need to buy it, or wait for it to be broadcast on TV again.