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Friday, February 16, 2007

Ukraine’s President looking more healthy - and handsome!

This article is about an appearance Ukraine's president made on Germany TV ...

... Victor Yushchenko has expressed hopes Ukraine will be a full member of the European Union one day ... The President said Ukraine was now building pragmatic relations with the European Union. He added that we wanted to make it clear that the integration of [Ukraine's] gas transport system into the European market could help achieve continental stability.

Here's another article that details Germany's support for Ukrainian entry into the EU. What about the rest of Europe??? Seems their obstinate historical bigotry still blinds them to the advantages of having Ukraine in the fold. Some of the hardest working and most productive people you'll find. Sigh.

OK, I know politics is important stuff and everything, but just couldn't help noticing that the president is regaining his pre-poisoning good looks. Maybe he's eating more salo and borsch and less Russian-made sushi and salad? ;-)

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