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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Neither decency nor common sense

This article illustrates why it's as hard to legislate against indecency as it is against stupidity.

Democratic FCC Commissioner Michael Copps ... said that the FCC is not likely to impose a maximum fine of $325,000 on smaller stations for a violation of federal decency standards.

Still, CBS CEO Leslie Moonves told an audience at a conference sponsored by Common Sense Media and the Aspen Institute that he believed the possibility of a fine as high as $325,000 has an adverse impact on freedom of speech. Moonves explained that since the ceiling on fines has been raised, “People are more afraid of what they put on air." ...

How pathetic is it if media people will only do the right thing when there are unpleasant repercussions for doing the wrong thing?

Right from the top down, it appears the mainstream media industry's concept of "freedom" is merely the lack of responsibility.


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