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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Canada's national broadcaster ignores genocide of Ukrainians

My first reaction to this is that the CBC is just toeing the UN line. The UN's erudite experts continue to squabble over what constitutes the definition of genocide and what ethnic groups get to use the label. (Meanwhile, the killing continues... )

It's true that the UN still hasn't declared the Ukrainian Holodomor a genocide, even though Ukraine's government has, as the CBC itself covered a couple of months ago (here) .

But it hasn't declared the carnage going on today in Darfur is genocide either, as I gathered from this recent UN newsletter ... although anyone with half a brain knows that's exactly what it is.

So good on CBC for including it, and for de facto calling it the genocide that it is.

But why leave out the Holodomor? The parallels between the methods and the architects of genocide in Darfur, in Rwanda, in Nazi Germany, in Armenia, et al., are so clear ... but apparently only to those who are open to seeing them. Clearly, there are those in academia and the media who aren't. Still, I just cannot comprehend such utter, cold indifference to Ukrainians who were murdered by the millions just because they were Ukrainian.

Sigh. Heaven forbid humanity would bother to really learn, much less actually apply, the lessons of the past.

Apart from totalitarian dictators, that is. They learn and apply those lessons very efficiently.


pumpernickel said...

After having read your post, I am left wondering why some genocide's are more equal than others.

Pawlina said...

Join the crowd...

It's too bad there doesn't seem to be an answer. That leaves it open to speculation ... which, sadly, seldom leads anywhere good.

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